About us

Our Story.

Coastlines is a step bigger than a brand, it’s a culture. And we live by the notion that doing something you love is more valuable than working to own something.

It all started in the mid 80’s when a group of surfers banded
together who shared a passion for adventure, local exploration
and the ocean. The common thread that connected us was the Coastlines we shared.

Collectively, we decided to create some essential products that allowed us to fulfill our aquatic desires and celebrated the limitless borders of NZ & the people who inhabit it.

With an environment that’s harsher than most, breathtaking water temperatures, high winds and often volatile ocean conditions, we were challenged to satisfy our functional and performance needs, while ensuring accessibility to the everyday surfer.


Over the years we’ve learnt from our own experiences, we’ve diversified, and cultivated a deeper understanding and knowledge about what works and what’s important.

Today we make premium suits for more than just the act of surfing. We’re about feeling free and encouraging the like minded to take on more adventures in the pursuit of those moments that truly make you feel alive.

All are welcome at Coastlines. We are about respect, honesty, and inclusiveness. We have a rich history, we’ve been shaped by many stories, and together we’ll create many more.

Commitment to Improvement

At Coastlines we are aware of the huge impact the surf industry is having on our planet. We believe in transparency and acknowledge that we are not perfect. Sustainability is an inbuilt mindset and is at the core of our design. Whether our impact is smaller ripples or larger waves, our goal is to contribute to the flow of change.



Simple and minimal, yet symbolic of our roots and the coastlines we share

Our two stripe logo represents the two islands of New Zealand, and the shape mirrors that of the countless timber posts lining the fields where the land meets the sea.    

As passionate and determined NZ surfers and adventurers, we journey across these fields and navigate through these fences to gain access to the waves.

Insulator 3/2 Chest Zip Steamer
Insulator 3/2 Chest Zip Steamer
Sale price$299.00