Bugs is the color of surfing.

As electric as the act of riding waves is, it would all seem dreadfully uncharged without a character like Wayne Bartholomew. Regardless of his hat -- from Kirra master to professional pioneer to wily competitor to promoter to environmentalist to head of the ASP -- he is vital to the sport.

Great surfers are born, but Rabbit was self-made. Matt Warshaw summed him up best in a Surfer's Journal profile with three words: struggle, achievement, style.

beau young

Following in his father’s footprint and becoming an avid long boarder was always going to be a given. Having the Young name however was always going to be a tall order in the shadow of his father Nat. However, Long boarding and its style naturally gelled with Beau and he never felt the pressure.

Results once again were slow but the timing couldn't have been better for a competitive longboard career as there was a very large resurgence coming along. It was in 1998 in the Canary Islands that Beau had his first major break through on the international competitive circuit.


Kalani was brought up in a mecca for surfing, Margaret River. Although his father (Russell) was always chasing swells Kalani was originally more interested in other sports - boxing, skating and AFL. Inevitably, the surfing bug came calling and his passion for the other sports took a backseat.
Without being exposed to the ‘somewhat’ toxic competitive side of junior surfing Kalani naturally became drawn to uncrowded (hollow) waves instead of worrying about getting two snaps in on a one-foot beachy.


Ricardo Christie hails from Mahia, a small community located on New Zealand's remote East Coast, most famous in the surfing world as the hide out of Miki Dora in the 70's. A wild isolated land of untouched beauty rich in empty reef, point and beach setups. Growing up in a close knit and spiritual community has rendered Ric an ever glowing appreciation for people and his surrounding environment where ever his journey takes him. Always in tune, happy, humble and quick to share a laugh ric is the true portrait of success.